GX Tattoo Finish

Active foam

The main property of the foam is to provide a strong hemostatic effect. It can be used both during tattooing and at the end of the session.

This protective foam is designed to moisturize and soften new tattoos and lock the ink into the skin. The foam is a revolutionary product for tattoo treatment. Contains Vitamin C, green sage tea, field and forest herbs.

Nourishes the skin with numerous trace elements and minerals. Creates a protective barrier for the tattoo, acts as an invisible bandage, provides an optimal healing environment for new tattoos.

The key ingredient green sage tea is a powerful antioxidant that has a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Removes toxins, soothes and hydrates the skin.


Water-based foam (does not contain petroleum jelly)

Does not clog pores

Naturally anti-inflammatory

Soothes and hydrates

Provides protective skin barriers

Contains sage green tea

No fragrance

Suitable for all skin types