Skin Cleaner

This is the original skin cleaning spray, to be applied before using our aftercare products.

The first few days after getting inked - up are the most crucial to your tattoo's wellbeing. Since our aftercare cosmetics create a protective barrier on your skin, it is very important that the area has been cleaned properly, before you apply them.

Nowadays, we all find ourselves rushing around more than we'd like, which could make it difficult to use our green soap as often as needed.

For this reason, we have developed the skin cleaner spray, which is quick and easy to use, while also extremely effective. Its innovative formula contains a small amount of medical alcohol, coloured in blue with an organic blueberry extract, which has been known for its many skin benefits.

  • No additives, Paraben-Free, Alcohol-Free, pH Balanced, Non-Toxic, Non-allergic, How to use: 

How to use

Simply apply the spray on the tattooed area, count to five and wipe it with a dry napkin, after which you can safely apply the aftercare product.

The spray does not irritate the skin and has no allergic reactions, which makes it suitable for every skin type.