This is the original green antibacterial GX Tattoo soap to be used before applying aftercare cream or butter, or after piercing products. The soap is PH neutral and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Created for the gentle washing of wounded skin, our product has several ingredients that help keep the skin soft and elastic.

It is important to reme

mber that every tattoo is, in essence, an open wound and as such, it needs care in the first few days until it has completely healed.

Since our aftercare and after piercing products create a protective barrier, it is very important that the skin is absolutely clean before applying them.

Use our soap to clean the area thoroughly before using an aftercare product. The soap cleans in depth, destroying harmful bacteria, while also being gentle and moisturising.

Use the tattoo soap until the skin has completely healed. Most other soaps irritate the skin and have a negative effect on the healing process. In many cases, they can worsen or destroy the tattoo quality and often lead to unwanted side effects, such as rashes and inflammations.

  • No additives, Paraben-Free, Alcohol-Free, pH Balanced, Non-Toxic, Non-allergic, How to use:

Your tattoo is custom made for you, the same way our soap is custom made for your tattoo. Give it the care it deserves.