Tattoo Working Cream - 40 ml

This is the unique GX Tattoo working butter. Its special formula combines five times refined Swiss vaseline with bee products and herbs, which stop blood and lymph and help reduce skin redness.

The butter is completely transparent and does not contain water, and so makes working with the imprint effortless and enjoyable, as it does not dissolve or smear it.

Since our product has been developed with the human body temperature in mind, the butter stays put during work and is completely unrivalled when it comes to making big tattoos.

In addition, it does not clog up the needle and a small amount of cream can cover a large area, which makes it extremely economical, 400 grams of it being equal to more than 800 grams of Vaseline.

  • No additives, Paraben-Free, Alcohol-Free, pH Balanced, Non-Toxic, Non-allergic, How to use:

And this is not all! It's added herbal extracts enhance the butter's effect and soothe the skin, making your work relaxing and enjoyable and leaving you more time to enjoy our product's enchanting aroma.

In addition, it also disinfects and has a slight pain - reducing the effect.

With all of this, we are not surprised by the GX Tattoo working butter's 100% positive feedback from all, who have tried it.

As a professional, you should always demand the best, and this butter is truly in a class by itself.